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Mado's Kougelhopf recipe

Ingredients for a large mold or 2 medium.

600gr of flour

125gr of sugar, 1 pinch of salt.

2 eggs

1/4 liter of milk

150g soft butter

20g baker's yeast

50gr raisins soaked in kirsch

3 to 4 almonds or walnut kernels for the bottom of the mold


Prepare sourdough

Put the yeast in a container with 1 tbsp. sugar

semolina and a teaspoon of flour.

Dilute with 2 tablespoons of lukewarm milk (taken from 1/4 liter.)

Leave to swell for 20 minutes.


For the dough

Make a well with the flour, sugar, salt, eggs and yeast.

Dilute with lukewarm milk to obtain an elastic dough.

Add the butter and work well.

Lift well by hand to aerate the dough, and add the raisins.

Leave to rise for about 2 hours, the dough should double in volume.

Put the almonds or walnut kernels in the bottom of the buttered mold, then the dough.

Leave to rise a second time, and when the dough has doubled in volume, in the oven.

Cooking in a convection oven: TH 180° — 40 min.


For the first use of the terracotta mould, butter it well

and put in the oven, very hot, empty. Repeat the operation 3 x.

Never wash the mold again but wipe it with a dry cloth

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